Services & Cost Breakdown


ATTENTION: All services at this time are virtual, and can be held over Zoom, Skype, or other preferred video messaging service apart from Facetime. Please take note of this before purchasing any services. 


FREE Consultation

Every potential client is entitled to a FREE 60-minute consultation to help you decide if my coaching services are right for you. Take advantage of it before selecting a service package! 

The consultation will give us an opportunity to meet each other, discuss your goals and barriers, and go over services that may benefit you. Log-in prepared with questions or concerns.


Single Coaching Session

This single coaching session is great for a couple of different types of people. The first type of person is someone who is ready to dip their toes in, but not ready to take the plunge. Coaching is a big commitment, after all. The second type of person is someone who already has a lot of great habits in place and has met a lot of personal goals but has hit a plateau in their progress. They're just stuck.

Weight Loss Bootcamp

The Weight Loss Bootcamp package is great for someone who just wants to get the extra weight off to feel and look their best! This is a 3-month program intended to give you the education, support, and accountability you need to succeed long-term. I teach goal setting, mindful eating, whole foods nutrition, and physical wellness techniques to a small group to get the weight off and KEEP it off. 


Individual Coaching

The Individual Coaching package is the ideal package for anyone with more than one health and wellness goal. Maybe you find yourself gaining weight while working a high-stress job or dealing with too many gloomy days. This 6-month coaching package can help you lead a more positive life, lose weight, and manage your stress, all at once!

If this describes you, let's see if we're a good fit.


Note: A Health and Wellness Coach is not a licensed mental or medical health professional and cannot provide diagnoses or counseling services. The purpose of a Health and Wellness Coach is to provide emotional support, accountability, and education around your self-determined goals.


Fee Breakdown

As for the fees, I believe in being 100% transparent, so here is my price for the value I'm giving you. 

To reserve my expertise, professional skillset in goal mapping, accountability services, and custom forms and resources = $75/hour


I also charge a $50 administration fee that helps support my marketing campaigns and digital presence, as well as a $50 communication fee for the unlimited text and email support I provide between sessions. These fees are non-negotiable and are included in both of my main service package pricing. 


I do not offer discounts or payment plans at this time, and all payments are to be made in full at the time of sign-up via Paypal or Zelle.


Service Package Price
60-Minute Consultation FREE
Single Coaching Session (60 Minutes) USD $75
Weight Loss Bootcamp (3 Months/13 Sessions) USD $1,064
Individual Coaching (6 Months/26 Sessions) USD $2,028